Marine industry
Marine indsutry
  • GW series
  • GV series
  • GC series
  • GA/GQ series
  • Ocean engineering
  • Coupling & Damper
Energy indsutry
  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Thermal power
  • Nuclear power
Friendly environment
  • HP roller press
  • Shredder
Cement industry
  • Vertical mill gearbox
  • Roller press gearbox
  • Ball mill gearbox
  • Rotary kiln gearbox
Metallurgy indstury
  • Hot-rolled mill gearbox
  • Cold-rolled mill gearbox
  • Rod-Wire mill gearbox
Hydraulic engineering industry
  • Inclined ship lifte
  • Vertical Ship lifter
Rail transit industry
  • Turnout
  • Tramcar
  • Monorail
  • Subway
Mining industry
  • Heading driving gearbox
  • Continuous mining gearbox
  • Travellin gearbox
Petrochemical industry
  • Shale gas
  • High speed gearbox
  • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
  • universal gearbox
Ocean engineering

In the manufacturing industry of marine engineering transmission equipment, CQ-Gearbox has developed multiple types of lifting gear drive device. The products have been widely used. The reduction ratio of a single lifting gearbox is large. By the reduction of multi-stage parallel transmission and multi-stage planetary and loading shunt, the reduction ratio can be over 6000:1, and the output speed can be less than 1 r/min. The output gear adopts the method of large modulus, big pressure angle, and small number of teeth. The material is high-strength alloy steel, which can effectively ensure the load-carrying capacity of the gear. The lifting capacity of a single output gear can reach450 tons.

It is classified according to the operating water depth and the rated lifting capacity of a single gearbox. 50 tons. Operating water depth covers from 200 feet to 550 feet; the rated lifting force of a single unit ranges from 50T to 450T.