Hydraulic engineering industry
Ship and marine engineering
  • GW series
  • GV twin-engine parallel operation series
  • GC series
  • GA/GQ series
  • Marine engineering
Wind power
  • Step-up box
  • Yaw gearbox
  • Paddle gearbox
Energy equipment
  • Nuclear power
  • Light and thermal power generation
  • Roller mill
  • Crusher
Building material
  • Vertical mill
  • Roller squeezer
  • Cement mill
  • Cement kiln
  • Hot-rolled gearbox
  • Cold-rolled gearbox
  • Rod-Wire gearbox
Hydraulic engineering
  • Climbing lifter
  • Ship lifter
Rail transit
  • Turnout
  • Tramcar
  • Monorail
  • Subway
  • Coupling
  • Shock absorber
Engineering equipment
  • Shied machine
  • Shale gas
  • Coal mine machinery
Inclined ship lifte

The pinion-and-rack driven ship lift, through the meshing of the pinion installed on the ship reception chamber with rack installed on the pylon of the chamber, the motor drives the gear to rotate through the gear box and also the rise and fall of the chamber can be achieved. 

The transmission part of the climbing ship lift is mainly composed of motor rack and pinion, gear shaft, main lifting gearbox, synchronous bevel gear box, locking bevel box, synchronous shaft and so on.