Mining industry
Ship and marine engineering
  • GW series
  • GV twin-engine parallel operation series
  • GC series
  • GA/GQ series
  • Marine engineering
Wind power
  • Step-up box
  • Yaw gearbox
  • Paddle gearbox
Energy equipment
  • Nuclear power
  • Light and thermal power generation
  • Roller mill
  • Crusher
Building material
  • Vertical mill
  • Roller squeezer
  • Cement mill
  • Cement kiln
  • Hot-rolled gearbox
  • Cold-rolled gearbox
  • Rod-Wire gearbox
Hydraulic engineering
  • Climbing lifter
  • Ship lifter
Rail transit
  • Turnout
  • Tramcar
  • Monorail
  • Subway
  • Coupling
  • Shock absorber
Engineering equipment
  • Shied machine
  • Shale gas
  • Coal mine machinery

The planetary reducer of the 3300hp triplex plunger pump is the world’s first gearbox of the 3300-type fracturing pump truck researched and developed by the company. The company began to research and develop the first-generation product JBX232 in 2009. After three upgradations in 2012, 2014 and 2016, it has now been the fourth-generation product JBX232D, which has been widely praised by users.