Technology Center
Technology Center

As a technology-driven enterprise, CQ-Gearbox has rich R&D and production experience of many years. Our company has undertaken a number of national scientific and technological projects, and accumulated rich experience in manufacturing and R&D. The Technology Center of CQ-Gearbox is a national-level enterprise one jointly recognized by five ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the first national-level enterprise technology center in the gear industry. It was recognized as Chongqing Heavy Industrial Gear Engineering Center in 2013 and established a national-level enterprise post-doctoral research station in 2018.


1. Strengthen international cooperation and keep products remain at the forefront of the industry.

The company continues to carry out technical cooperation with well-known international technical consulting companies, especially in the R&D process of products. Our company will introduce external technical forces to verify and evaluate the reliability of the product design, of our company, further improving design capabilities.

2. Attach importance to independent intellectual property rights.

Our company owns more than 380 authorized patents and more than 60 invention patents. CQ-Gearbox has totally presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 27 national standards of the industry.


3. System guarantee with multiple scientific and technological achievements

The established work organization for innovation promotion of science and technology is responsible for the planning, implementation and assessment of the relevant project plan, as well as the formulation and continuous improvement of the salary system and incentive mechanism of the technical sequence.

4. Construction of knowledge management platform.

Our company has established a knowledge management system with an information system as a platform, and possesses an archive query system, a patent system, a standard system, and CNKI journals, in order to form a full range of knowledge learning and sharing.

5. Optimize product design and manufacturing process.

Our company improves product quality and production efficiency while reduce production costs at the same time by optimizing design and processes.

6. Strengthen basic research and provide overall solutions for gear transmission systems.

Our company focuses on customers’ needs-- to provide customers with more reliable and market-competitive products with lower cost and better maintainability. Our company will make in-depth basic research on gear transmission mode, transmission structure, gear material, and manufacturing technics.

7. Continuously promote the establishment of innovative R&D platforms.

Our company establishes a digital prototype platform. The design of digital virtual prototype is used through the entire R&D process of product. The reliability of the product in the design process will be improved with the three-dimensional software modeling design, professional gear calculation software for gear engineering calculations, and ANSYS for finite element analysis of box structure, and MASTA for analysis of gear contact stress and vibration.

8. Recruit talents and cultivate a first-class team

Our company recruits various technical experts suitable for our company's needs in various ways, does a good job of training various professional and technical personnel, and builds a group of first-class technical personnel.